We are an well oiled production machine, able to deliver not only the creative ideas but moreover their physical representations also, managing a seamless process from initial sketches and prototyping to final delivery and assembly of various communication materials.

Our extensive background in the field of advertising production and the close cooperation with our clients is what sets Still Print apart.


Your vision is our starting point


We capture the potential of each communication item


We deliver integrated solutions and monitored results


We design with assembly on our mind

Most of the time, when you start a project with a communication agency, you start the collaboration with your own views on the best solution to the problem. We always respect your point of view because we believe there’s no one knowing your brand better than you.

Your vision is our starting point and we develop it until we get the best solution to your communication need, joining your experience with our creativity.

Requirements Assessment

We put a strong focus on understanding the business and brand’s objectives in order to assess the real needs of our clients and uncover potential synergies that can be put at work, thus delivering more value.

Options Screening

We run in-depth screenings of the various technological solutions available for the completion of the project and present them to our clients in order for them to have a clear understanding on the technical angle.


Taking into account the parameters and the objectives of the project, we advice our clients on the production options that can offer the highest price to quality ratio and deliver the best return on investment.

Our creative department has a strong expertise on the features we will find on the ground, be it in a modern retail environment, a traditional mom&pop store, a trade show, a corporate event or just a plain simple piece of paper. Each setting has its own constraints and opportunities that can be used to the max by a skilled team.

Graphic Design

We develop visual solutions that bring to life our communication concepts in the cleanest way possible, paying attention to the brand’s visual universe and maintaining its style in a consistent and coherent manner.

Object Design

From immersive trade shows settings and impactful retail decorations to effective floor stands and unusual promotional items, we make use of the three dimensional space to the fullest in order to make brands stand out from the crowd.

Conceptual Copywriting

We put the words at work in powerful attention grabbing headlines, convincing call-to-action statements and captivating stories that give a voice to the brand and lead its message to the targeted audience.

Attention to details is paramount when ideas move from the workstations in the creative department to the production line in the workshop. In this phase, we  double check the DTP files and proceed with mock ups and print proofs of the materials we’ve designed.

Following the technical expertise, we stress-test the mock-ups to be sure that the solutions put forward by us are 100% feasible. This is our way of making sure that any communication material produced by our agency is nothing less than at an excellent level of quality.


Without production know-how, a brilliant creative material can easily go haywire. We prepare the digital files with a keen eye for details, according to the technical specifications of the physical material that will be used as support.


Before we give the green light on the production line, we check the colors against digital print proofs and, whenever possible, we build full scale mock-ups in order to identify and brush out any inconsistencies with the creative materials.

Quality Assurance

We know that the production process is not a bullet proof science and things can vary slightly on the production line. That’s why we allways cross-check samples from different batches with the approved mockup.

The handling of the communication materials along the line, from the production workshop to the place they were designed for, is one of our concerns ever since we develop the initial design sketches, even more so in the case of special projects.

All items produced by Still Print have to be compactly packed for ease of transportation, convenient to store, simple to be rigged and easy to be placed in the space they were designed for.


From the factory, print shop or production workshop, we make sure the communication materials we develop for our clients are carefully transported to the requested drop point and that the items arrive in pristine condition and on time..


The best crew for assembling an exhibition stand is the team that designed it, so we have people on the ground every time a special project is deployed, verifying that everything is put in place as as it was intended in the final design.


When it comes to special projects, we pay special attention to the maintenance aspect, being ready to supply the service required for the items to remain in tip-top condition as long as they’re placed in front of the brand’s audience.


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